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 April 3, 2016

Don’t Miss Out! Not many Auction tickets left…

Posted by Abby Rosenblum

Posted on April 3, 2016

megaphone guyAuction tickets will likely SELL OUT this Sunday, April 10.  There was some brisk pre-bidding on the patio today and will continue through this Sunday, April 10.  Bear in mind… you do not need to attend the Auction in order to bid.  Just stop by the ticket table on Sunday, pick up your bid number, and place your bids!  We’ll let you know (via email) the day after the Auction if you won!

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  2 Responses to “Don’t Miss Out! Not many Auction tickets left…”

  1. Is it ok to pre-bid for a friend, with friend’s permission, using friends bid number,

  2. Yes!

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