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 May 14, 2015

Your Core Values: How to Live with Greater Authenticity & Integrity

Posted by Judy Lane

Posted on May 14, 2015

Certified Life Coach Becky Lindstrom with Rev. Roger Jones

A workshop in 2 parts at UUSS: Monday & Tuesday, May 18 & 19, 2015, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Our values are a fundamental aspect of who we are and what we do, yet our true core values often remain hidden from us. This workshop will help us to identify and understand our own core values.  Learn how to use your values to live a life of greater authenticity and integrity.

Session 1, Identifying Your Core Values: An introduction to the significance of values in our lives.  Context-based questions will help  you identify your own unique core values.  Plenty of opportunity for journaling, self-reflection and conversation.

Session 2, Understanding Your Core Values: Working with your own set of values, you can better understand and make use of the concepts of authenticity and integrity.

Course Fee and Registration, Sliding Scale:  $10-$25 per person for the course. Sign up on Sunday at the Adult Enrichment table or call the UUSS office at (916) 483-9283.

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  1. Becky was here at the service Sunday morning. We’re excited for this class. If you have signed up, please come 10 or 15 minutes early on the first night (Monday). Regarding the very low sliding scale rate, please know that UUSS and Becky will share the donations equally. In other words, given what many coaches can charge, this is a great value.

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