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 March 23, 2016

this Sunday’s spiritual practice–reflecting on “The Happiest Day,” a poem by Linda Pastan

Posted by Rev Roger

Posted on March 23, 2016


Every 4th Sunday before church the featured topic of our Sunday Morning Spiritual Practices is reading and reflecting on poetry or sacred scripture, led by JoAnn Anglin.  It takes place in Classroom 6, in the Education building, beyond our Sanctuary building.  It starts at 9:45 and goes till 10:15, leaving plenty of time to find a seat in the sanctuary before the Sunday service.


Read the poem at this link.  All are welcome.  Parents, if you have little ones who would prefer the nursery to a time of silent and spoken reflection, our Child Care staffers will be in the Room 11 Nursery at 9:30 and they will be on duty till after the service.

Also on the 4th Sunday of the month is a Newcomers’ Orientation at 12:00 noon, after the service.  This includes learning about our history and values and some of our programs–and  a tour of the UUSS campus.  It starts in the Sanctuary at noon.  Parents using the Nursery– just let our staff know when you drop off your kids that you will be staying for the Orientation, and there will be no need to pick up your kids right after the worship service.  They will stay here till the tour ends at 1:15 PM if you let them know.

Happy Easter!

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